« Plic & Ploc » is a 2-Player PVP Party Game made for the Volcano Game Jam 2021 that lasted 48h. The theme was « The Cycle of Water Uses ». We decided to make 5 games : 1 per developer in the team. We had fun making different gameplay and parodying famous game’s name life : Call of Droplet, Infilter Cell, Metal Geat Liquid, Street Filter, etc.


I was in charge of the Dev of the last one called « OverWashed » in which players have to water ranges of vegetables (mostly carrots) before their opponent in a limited time. I made the Menu, the Intro and all the SFX and Music implementation in the game too.

GamePlay Footage :



What amazed me in this Game Jam was how seamlessly and effortlessly we managed to organise ourselves (all professionals in the team, that helped) to produce some pretty dense content for the amount of time.