#GMS 12 : Order in Chaos


Hi folks,in this « One day, One mechanic », i made another Game Mechanics Study / Prototype for Voodoo and Bentô untitled « Tiny Tidy ».

The Goal is to order the different Sequences by swapping the tiles correctly. The main theme for this study was : Order.

Famous Game Designer Marc Leblanc in his research articles tries to define a taxonomy of Game Pleasure. What stroke me was the Purification Pleasure. The desire to clean, order, eradicate the mess, the noise. The pleasure that you have when you contemplate a a tidy room, your tidy room. It’s the sensation to find sense in chaos, the dellusion that everything in the universe has a place to be.

There are 4 différents modes that add variations to the experience (Color shading, Size Changing, Different shapes, different interaction methods, etc.).

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