Ludo-Learning Interactive Virtual Environments (LIVE)

Stimulating the desire to learn and progress through an immersive & ludic framework. Application to the Ludodidactics methodology

The goal of this research project is based on the creation of an innovative methodology mixing Game Design & Didactic Teaching, “Ludodidactics”,  for designing innovative courses with supports named LIVEs (Ludo-Learning Interactive Virtual Environments). This methodology is centered on the student’s learning profile, and especially on the performance of the latter within a ludic and immersive framework.

The objective of Ludodidactics is to provide Learner Engagement using Game Attributes and Data Analytics for Knowledge acquisition, through the concept of Teaching and Learning by Playing.

The idea behind this methodology  is to develop the students skills through playful training environments. Learning advanced concepts in Higher Education (HE) and enjoying a ludic activity can be conflated together and not be viewed as interchangeable, and could, as well, generate great learning outcomes. Ludodidatics’ philosophy focuses on human-centered design, and especially on inclusive and adaptive learning scenari according to the user’s choices and behaviour. In addition to bringing a huge field of experimentation with many new possibilities, this research project could positively upset our conception of learning and teaching in HE.


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