#GMS Day 4 : Perspective & Illusions

Day # 4 ! I was playing « Rime » a couple of days ago and was wondering how the Perspective Puzzles were made. So i challenged myself today and decided to study this strange mechanic : Perspective. Furthermore, the goal was not to achieve a perfect gameplay but to reproduce a sense of illusion where two objects obviously far apart become one in front on the player’s eye. I had to work out a few times to make things right. But, again, in one day, you can’t just do everything, you have got to aim for the core.

Play the Interactive Study here : https://loganou974.itch.io/gms-day-4-perspective-illusions

I chose this time a subjective view (FPS) because i had to control everything the player could possibly see or not at anytime. Did the illusion work ? You tell me.

What emerges from this study is that « Fantasy » (like when we rewinded time Day #3) is a big part of the player engagement and can trigger his curiosity along the « Discovery » of newer puzzles. « Ok that was pretty nice ! What will surprise me next ? »

If a had more time, i would have designed more « brain teasers » implying several moving Parts to assemble. Or maybe more illusions like in Monument Valley… It gives me so much news ideas !

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