#GMS 7 : Team Work !

Hey folks ! Day 7 ‘s keywords were : Collaborative, Team Work and simplest social interactions. For the first time in #GMS i had to design a game for more than one player. The first problem encountering and the most obvious one : I was alone while testing. It’s basically the hardest part when you conceive an experience without all the final parameters (the uses of your product), you have clearly no control, no actual clue of what will be the final result while you prototype.

Play the interactive Study here : https://loganou974.itch.io/gms-day-7-team-work-

The idea was to conceive a « One touch per player » prototype where players would rely on each other to make the simplest action in a game : Moving.

You might get stuck a few time like an upside dows turtle. There is a way to work as a team to leave this state of helplessness.

Timing between players is the key to coordination. Each player has a role to play in Time and Space, every one knows each role and their importance. This is way more noticeable in asymmetric gameplay.

The big challenge was : How can i have enough input precision with only one input ? How can i provoke social interactions at the simplest level ?

I think in these collaborative tasks, clumsiness can be a huge source of fun.

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