#GMS 10 : Floppy Physics

In this Game Mechanics Study, i tried to find the fun behind clumsiness through Floppy Physics ….I was so curious about how to reproduce a real-time wiggling sausage simulation and see if it cost a lot of performance. It took me all the afternoon to make it from scratch.

After following Will Wright Master Class, i definitly wanted to spend some time just making simpler prototypes : Toys before game rules. And in the first seconds of my physics tests i knew something was really interesting. I just stayed in « Play mode » playing with thoses sausages bouncing around randomly.

My goal was to limit the rules and only work on the manipulation of objects. Discovering the purpose of the experience through these intuitive interactions.

Game Features :

  • Cooking System : 3 States : Uncooked, cooked, burned
  • Feedbacks : Smoke FX increase during cooking, Sound FX when cooking
  • Win double points when well cooked, nothing when uncooked or burned

How to make Floppy Sausages ?



Well, it’s really simple :

  • Create a capsule-shaped model on Blender
  • Place a few bones in a spine row and bind the skeleton to the mesh
  • Save the file in FBX
  • Import to Unity
  • Select all the bones in the Hierarchy
  • Add Sphere Colliders to your bones, adjust the size to match the mesh bounds
  • Add a Fixed Joint to every bone Game Objects (a Rigidbody will be added automatically)
  • Fixed Joint Settings : Set the parent of each bone as ConnectedBody
  • And Voila !

For the bounciness, just create a Physics Material with a value between 0.7 and 1 in bounciness to have a good feeling. Insert it on the Collider Component.

Enjoy !