Fruity Run, La Réunion des Rhums

In 2024, i had the honor to make an advergame for the « Reunion Island Rhum Production Union ». I had to do everything on my own and the concept was not that simple :

People would go to the « Salon de l’Agriculture » in Paris (the most famous of France), come to their stall and play a Fruit Ninja Game. But each level had to be UNLOCKED by each rhum partener (they had 5 partners). So people had to identify 3 icons placed on a paper in the stall and enter these codes in the game to unlock the partner level.

Once the 5 levels were completed, they were awarded based on their total score. 

The challenge was that it had to be on their website so MOBILE WEBGL in Unity that had A LOT of technical constraints. Another challenge was to make a monitoring control panel for the people in charge during the event : they could lower ou raise the score necessary to get gifts to balance difficulty in real time.

I had to setup a Database to keep tracks of subscriptions, highest scores,etc. because the client wanted to give gifts to the most valuable players.

I had a really great time exploring this classic mobile Fruit Ninja genre by digging deeper in the Game Feel / Juice when interacting with the fruits. I really hope you like it.

You can play it online of course !